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Supply Chain Procurement

A Certificate in Supply Chain/Procurement is offered only on-line. The purchasing function has expanded, becoming more involved in strategic planning and supply chain management and is looked upon by many executives as a profit center. A certificate in supply chain/procurement provides companies with a rate of return on their investment by converting tactical buyers into strategic supply management employees. The objectives of the program are to:

Develop expertise for careers in supply chain/procurement

Present a clearer understanding of the role of supply chain and materials management as well as the impact of procurement decisions on the organization’s efficiency

Teach theory and practice of the common body of supply chain/procurement knowledge

Base the supply chain/procurement certificate in the context of a broad liberal arts education

Emphasize supply chain/procurement skills

Generate an understanding of the economy and its relevance to the supply chain/procurement profession

Develop an understanding of the ethical and humanistic aspects of society

Define the challenges facing the supply chain/procurement profession and explore the tools and techniques for ensuring procurement standards of conduct

This combination of objectives provides an organized approach to building a body of knowledge that will enhance organizational efficiency and prepare students for responsible positions in purchasing management and for community service.


PUR 101 or equivalent supply chain/procurement experience, are prerequisites for all upper division courses.