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THE 337: Jewish/Christian Interpretations of the Bible (3 credits)

Although Jews and Christians share many of the same scriptural books, their respective collections are differently organized and named. Christians refer to their collection as the "Old Testament," while Jews call their texts the "Tanakh" (an acronym for the Hebrew words for Teaching, Prophets, and Writings). Despite, or because, of this commonality, Christians and Jews have often battled over these scriptures' meanings. This course explores the ways that Jews and Christians have interpreted key texts, separately and together, over two millennia of learning from and disputing with each other. It also examines why the Bible has been a source of conflict between the two groups, with a focus on certain key passages, and why that is currently changing—as evidenced in recent official Catholic instructions. Satisfies third-level Theology GER; GEP Religious Difference; Honors team-taught.