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THE 338-339 The Abrahamic Peoples: Past, Present and Future (3 credits)

The three monotheistic religions all originated in the Middle East. In their origins and spread to other parts of the world, their interactions formed a complex tapestry of theologies, rituals, texts and histories. This two-semester course surveys the origins, practices, beliefs, and interactions among the Muslim, Christians, and Jewish peoples. Both semesters are taught by a Jewish, a Christian, and a Muslim professor, all three of whom will be present for each class session. Fall semester, the class will explore the early beginnings of all three traditions up to the year 1492. Spring semester brings their stories from 1492 to the present. Certain overarching themes, topics, or questions will be considered in each era to illustrate the interlacing similarities and differences among the three communities in the past, in today’s world, and with a view to future possibilities. Offered over two consecutive semesters for six credits, although students may choose to take only Fall or Spring semester for 3 credits. Religious Difference.