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THE 542 The Triune God: The Relational Nature of the Divine

The Christian doctrine that the One God is Triune is often referred to as a "mystery" in the unhelpful sense of a topic escaping comprehension, rather than in the authentic theological sense of a reality that can never be exhausted (Karl Rahner). This course stresses the importance for Christian faith of a lively appreciation of God as Three-in-One. Starting with the nascent Trinitarian formulae found in the New Testament and moving forward to the creeds of Nicaea and Chalcedon, participants in this course investigate how God came to be understood as a Tri-unity of persons. They will then examine the Trinitarian doctrine itself, both in its world-relational and internal-relational forms, and how it came to be much more significant for lived faith in Eastern Christianity than in the West. In the class, students will begin to express the Christian apprehension of God as Triune in contemporary language for use in homiletic and religious educational contexts.