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THE 555 The Eucharist: A Vision of Solidarity

Against the backdrop of two sacraments of initiation, Baptism and Confirmation, which constitute Christians as God’s "priestly, kingly and prophetic people," this course examines the inseparable relationship between the Eucharist and social justice, between liturgy and life. Through the study of the Eucharistic texts, it offers a deeper understanding of how the Mass speaks to the social issues of today and their wider implications. The course provides a theological basis for the social doctrine of the church and a spirituality to accompany a commitment to work for justice. It introduces students to the "adventure" of the Eucharist, enabling them to discover how the Mass opens our eyes to the plight of the poor and energizing them to engage the structures of injustice that impact their lives. This is a course for those who wish to live out the Jesuit ideal of being "men and women for others."