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THE 563 Technology Ethics

Over the past 2000 years, Christians of every age have worked to discover what it means to live faithfully and justly in their particular places and times. This course focuses on one of the most prominent features of our place and time: technology. In the course, students critically reflect on technology, its role in human lives, and its impact on society. The course will examine various theories of the nature of technology. It will also investigate particular resources available within the discipline of Christian social ethics that are central to understanding and evaluating the moral worth of various technologies, such as common good, justice, human dignity, development, and solidarity. These conceptual tools will then be used to explore the ethical implications of technology through the assessment of a variety of particular cases of technologies that are common or likely will be soon (e.g., cell phones, the mobile internet, the digital divide, data insecurity, digital media and intellectual property, cosmetic surgery, and the post-human movement).