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THE 581 The Church in Relation to Judaism

Interreligious relations are an increasingly important concern in the twenty-first century world and church. For Christian theology the Church’s relationship to Jews and Judaism, which is not "extrinsic" but in a certain way is "intrinsic" to Christianity [John Paul II, April 13, 1986], is particularly significant. This course studies the Christian relationship with Judaism both historically and in terms of the mutual understanding and esteem that have begun to grow in the past five decades. Of special interest are relevant developments in Christian theology, such as Cardinal Walter Kasper’s insight that "Judaism is as a sacrament of every otherness that as such the Church must learn to discern, recognize and celebrate" [Oct. 28, 2002]. In addition, the course discusses practical interreligious activities on the local level that will assist Christians "to learn by what essential traits Jews define themselves in the light of their own religious experience" [Vatican Guidelines to Implement Nostra Aetate, 4 (1974)].