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The Art Major

The Art Major is designed to provide a concentration in the visual arts, within the context of a liberal arts education.

Our majors have developed careers in a wide range of art-related areas including advertising, gallery and museum curating, graphic design and web design, pottery, interior design and architecture. But the major is not directed towards the development of job skills in any one area, it is intended to broaden the range of understanding of the arts for each major while helping each major develop the media skills they need to use art expressively.

Requirements for the Art Major

GEP Integrated Learning Component: students must select three courses from the following:


PHL 310

Philosophy of Art

Choose 2 from the following:

(note: some courses below may have prerequisites – please consult the appropriate department for further information)

CLA 301

The Art and Archaeology of Greece

CLA 302

The Art and Archaeology of Egypt and Italy

CLA 203

Readings In Classical Tragedy

CSC 341

Introduction to Graphics

CSC 342

Computer Vision

CSC 343

Interactive 3D Game Development

COM 200

Communications Theory and Practice

COM 201

Ethics in Communication

ENG 483

Seminar in Narrative Form

ENG 344


ENG 241

Creative Writing: Introductory Workshop

ENG 332


ENG 333

Reading, Writing & Adapting for Theatre: Dramaturgy

FRE 462

Contemporary Francophone Cinema

GRM 320

Contemporary German Cinema

HIS 367

Postwar America, 1945 to the Present

HIS 369

American Ideas

HIS 386

American Environmental History

HIS 387

Popular Culture in the United States

ITA 402

L’italiano al cinema ll

ITA 430

Images of Rome in Literature and Film

JPN 330

Japanese Film and Culture

LAT 304


MAT 231

The Mathematics of Music

POL 326

Political Sociology: The Mass Media in American Politics

PSY 220

Sensation and Perception

SPA 449

Spanish Literature and Film

THE 150

Religious Vision in Film and Fiction

Major Concentration: ten courses

Four fundamental courses chosen from

ART 101, 102

Introduction to Art History I and II

ART 104

The Experience of Architecture

ART 121

Introduction to Studio Art

ART 133

Drawing I

ART 135

Painting I

ART 141

3-D Studio Art

ART 144

Ceramics I

ART 172

Traditional Photography I

ART 173

Digital Photography I

Four additional courses within a specialization, three of which must be taken prior to the capstone courses

One might "specialize" in Art History or Studio (ceramics, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture)

Plus our capstone courses:

ART 495

Senior Project I

ART 496

Senior Project II