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The Erivan K. Haub School of Business

Dean: Joseph A. DiAngelo, Ed.D.

Associate Dean, Academic Affairs and

Executive Director Graduate Business Programs: Stephen J. Porth, Ph.D


The Haub School of Business will be recognized and acknowledged nationally as a leading Jesuit School of Business for undergraduate, executive and part-time graduate programs.


We seek excellence in business education that offers breadth in terms of broad-based coverage of business concepts and skills, depth through focus on specific industries and professions, and wholeness via education of men and women in service with and for others in accordance with the Ignatian tradition.

Haub School of Business Core Values

  1. Academic Excellence – The HSB is committed to the Jesuit ideal of the magis or the more, always striving to become better. Academic integrity is the cornerstone of our approach to teaching, an approach that emphasizes excellence in teaching and seeks rigor and student engagement.
  2. Jesuit Identity - As a college within a Jesuit university, the HSB is committed to the Jesuit ideals of ethics, justice, and social responsibility.
  3. Scholarly Contributions – The HSB encourages scholarly research that is essential to the professionals development of our faculty, contributes to the
  4. Practice of management, and informs and enlivens our teaching.
  5. Innovative Niche Programs – From its inception, the HSB has been entrepreneurial in its approach to targeting and serving the needs of key industries and strategic niches. We seek to continue our creative focus on industry segments such as food, pharmaceuticals, financial services and public accounting.
  6. Student Welfare – Cura personalis, that is, care and respect for the whole person, is a hallmark of Jesuit education. We will continue to support and encourage our students as they identify and pursue their personal and professional aspirations.

Our Custom-Built Wall Street Trading Room

Saint Joseph’s University has recently established a tailor-made trading room where students experience firsthand exposure to financial concepts such as portfolio construction, risk management, and financial engineering. This facility—the newest technological addition to Mandeville Hall and the first of its kind in the Philadelphia region—is just another example of how real-time experiential learning is incorporated into the classroom.

The room’s electronic ticker and LCD Panels displays ongoing, real-time market activity and stock prices, while a tri-color board provides students with current financial information and graphics. The trading room at Saint Joseph’s, designed by Rise Trans-Lux Corporation, gives students the opportunity to apply and practice financial analysis and risk management skills before entering the high-tech business arena. Students use both current and historical information in the classroom, which is the same information used by portfolio managers in their day-to-day business.

When graduates of Saint Joseph’s University become practitioners, they can immediately use their experiences from the campus trading room in their professional careers. This technology ensures an effortless transition between the academic world and the professional world.


The Erivan K. Haub School of Business is a component of the University which is administered by the Dean, Dr. Joseph DiAngelo. The Haub School of Business offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees. Graduate Business Programs are managed by the Associate Dean, Academic Affairs, Dr. Stephen Porth. At the graduate level, the following programs are offered:

  • M.B.A. Program
  • Joint D.O./M.B.A. Program in Health and Medical Services Administration
  • 20-Month Executive M.B.A. Program
  • One-Year Executive M.B.A. Program
  • Pharmaceutical & Healtcare Marketing M.B.A. for Executives
  • On-line Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing M.B.A. for Executives
  • Executive Master’s in Food Marketing Program
  • Executive M.B.A. in Food Marketing Program
  • International Marketing M.S. Program
  • Managing Human Capital M.S. Program
  • Financial Services M.S. Program
  • Business Intelligence M.S. Program

To service these programs, the Haub School of Business is organized into seven academic departments—Accounting, Decision and System Sciences, Food Marketing, Finance, Management, Marketing and Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Marketing.