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The General Education Program

A curriculum is a course of study planned to assist students, according to their individual abilities and desires, to progress toward their educational goals. It is the plan for fostering efficient interaction of students, teachers, books, and the physical and intellectual environment. The course of study within the University is structured to facilitate the development of those abilities and qualities of a liberally educated person in the Catholic Jesuit tradition.

Beginning in the Fall of 2010, Saint Joseph’s University launched a new curriculum program known as the General Education Program (GEP).

The General Education component enables students to examine the principal issues and achievements of the major fields of human learning, provides an opportunity to master skills required for more advanced study, and gives them freedom to pursue further studies in areas in which they find an interest, to experiment with previously unexplored areas, or to enter a chosen field of study.

The Major Concentration component offers the opportunity for that deepened knowledge of a special area which is an essential characteristic of a full education and also provides a basis for an effective career or for study in graduate or professional school.

Listed below are the specific requirements for the GEP curricula.