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The Interdisciplinary Doctor of Education Program for Educational Leaders

Raymond A. Horn, Ph.D., Director, IDEPEL Program

Merion Hall 224, (610) 660-3187,

The specific aim of this Ed.D. program is to prepare future leaders in Education both theoretically and practically for educational reform, social change, and social justice. Courses within this program connect the role of educational management, ethics, various research paradigms, culture, politics and policy in an interdisciplinary fashion. More generally, the Ed.D. program projects an ongoing vision of the Jesuit ideals of service and intellectual rigor. This is combined in partnership with and among University and community leaders.

Admissions requirements: Contact the Director, IDEPEL Program for general admissions requirements and admission requirements for the Superintendent letter of Eligibility.

Requirements for the Doctor of Education

The following courses are required for the Ed.D. degree:

EDL 800
(EDU 7015)

Professional Seminar

EDL 805
(EDU 7055)

Principles of Quantitative Research

EDL 810
(EDU 7255)

Quantitative Research Design

EDL 815
(EDU 7045)

Social Change Culture and Education

EDL 820
(EDU 7025)

Ethics in Educational Leadership

EDL 825
(EDU 7215)

Fiscal Resources

EDL 830
(EDU 4535)

Contemporary Curriculum

EDL 835
(EDU 7125)

Principles of Qualitative Research

EDL 840
(EDU 7145)

Qualitative Research Design

EDL 845
(EDU 7225)

Policy & Community Relations

EDL 850
(EDU 7155)

Educational Environment

EDL 855
(EDU 7115)

Human Resource Management

EDL 860
(EDU 7235)

Educational Planning & Evaluation

EDL 865
(EDU 7235)

Communication & Public Relations

EDL 870
(EDU 7245)

Dissertation Seminar & Proposal Writing

EDL 875
(EDU 7235)

Administering the Dynamic Institution

EDL 893
(EDU 7995)

Dissertation Study

EDL 894
(EDU 7985)

Dissertation Study

EDL 899
(EDU 7975)

Dissertation Study