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The Management Minor

NOTE: In no case may an ILC course be double counted towards completing other requirements of the management minor.

Minor in Management Concentration: six courses (four required, two electives):

The minor in Management constitutes six (6) courses. These include:

MGT 110 or

MGT120 or

MGT 121

Essentials of Organizational Behavior

Essentials of Management

Honors Organizations in Perspective (Honors Program students)

MGT 241

Management Skills (not offered after Fall 2011. Substitute

MGT 243 Negotiation Skills

MGT 242

Advanced Topics in Organizational Behavior Behavior (not offered after Fall 2011. Substitute LEO210, LEO211, MHC 220, MHC221

MGT 360

Legal Environment of Business

And any two courses from the General Management Track discussed above