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The Philosophy Major

Majoring in philosophy is a time-honored way of gaining a liberal arts education, i.e., an education fitting for a person who would be free. Philosophy majors at Saint Joseph’s University will have an opportunity to read some of the most profound and challenging works ever written. In the classroom they will partake in lively discussions of life-changing ideas. Majors will develop their capacity to think clearly and creatively, to argue logically and express their thoughts persuasively, to criticize rationally and converse openly, to uncover assumptions and recognize implications and to raise those important questions that are often overlooked.

As a deliberately pluralistic department possessing expertise across a broad range of philosophical traditions and methods, we are able to offer courses across all major historical periods (i.e., ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary) and areas of field specialization (e.g., epistemology, metaphysics, ethics and social and political philosophy). Majors are challenged to grapple with perennial philosophical problems (e.g., free will, skepticism, objectivity, the nature and existence of God) and are introduced to methods of inquiry that allow for the development and appropriation of philosophical modes of thinking, speaking, and writing. An active Undergraduate Philosophy Society provides a forum for gathering with other students also genuinely interested in philosophy, and provides an excellent opportunity for student-faculty dialogue outside the classroom.