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Theology and Religious Studies in the GEP

All students must successfully complete the Signature Core course, "Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition," as well as any one of a number of courses signified as Religious Difference courses.

Signature Core:

THE 154 Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition

This course is designed to introduce students to central theological themes (such as the doctrines of Christ, the human person, sin/grace/salvation, and the sacraments) and moral claims (such as the preferential option for the poor, solidarity, and the common good) typical of the Roman Catholic Tradition. Through a critical examination of primary texts, students will investigate the historic grounds of faith and will learn how and why a concern for social, economic and political justice is rooted not only in the Christian Gospel but also in fundamental Christian doctrines and liturgical practices.

Variable Core: Religious Difference

Select any one of the following:

THE 211

The Hebrew Bible

THE 336

The Jewish and Christian Encounter (when Team-taught)

THE 380

Interreligious Dialogue

THE 381

The Bible: Combat Zone or Common Treasure? (when Team-taught)

THE 384

Jews and Christians: Estranged Relatives or Total Strangers? (when Team-taught)

THE 385

New Ways of Thinking about the Jewish Jesus As Savior (when Team-taught)

REL 101

Comparative Religion

REL 211

Hebrew Bible

REL 212

Israelite Religion

REL 231


REL 241


REL 251

Religions of Ancient India

REL 261


REL 270

Designated Special Topics in Religious Studies

REL 271

African and Caribbean Religions

REL 311

Comparative Religious Ethics

REL 338

Jewish & Christian Responses to the Holocaust

REL 351

Indian Buddhism

REL 352

Mahayana Buddhism

REL 355

Immortals, Ancestors, Ghosts and Gods: Superhumans in Chinese Religion

REL 356

Death and the Afterlife in Chinese Religions

REL 357

Food Practices and Chinese Religions

REL 383

Ancient Greek Religions