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Tuition and Financial Aid for DO/MBA Students

The total cost of all tuition and fees for the MBA program and special PCOM curriculum is equal to one additional year of PCOM tuition. All tuition is payable to PCOM according to the established payment schedule, and PCOM pays all MBA tuition and fees directly to Saint Joseph’s University. Students in the joint degree program receive all standard PCOM services, including health insurance, for the additional year of study.

The primary sources of financial aid, such as Federal Stafford loans (formerly GSL loans), are available to students for the additional year of study. All financial aid is administered by PCOM’s Office of Financial Aid. Standard PCOM financial aid procedures and forms apply to the joint degree program, and no special arrangements with lending sources are necessary.

DO/MBA Inquiries

Dr. Robert G. Cuzzolino

Vice President for Graduate Programs and Planning

Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Evans Hall, Dean’s Suite

4170 City Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19131-1696

(215) 871-6770