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Undergraduate Course Numbers:

At the undergraduate level, the following types of course offerings are available across many disciplines and the numbers across from them classify each group appropriately:

Course Type

Course No.

Freshmen Seminar (New GEP)

150 (satisfies GEP FYS requirement; special topics will be presented in most academic departments offering this course)

Cooperative Education

488, 489 & 490


490, 491

Special Topics

170, 270, 370 or 470 (can be repeated for credit, topic will vary when offered)

Independent Research

493, 494

Lab Courses

Add an "L" to the end of the number of the course to which the lab corresponds wherever possible (e.g. CHM 101 & 101L)

Capstone (only as required by some)


Transfer Courses without SJU equivalent

196 to 199, 296 to 299, 396 to 399, 496 to 499 (used for transfer articulation where course transferring in is not part of the SJU catalog of offerings)

Course numbers for remaining courses are left to the department’s discretion. Some additional notes about certain undergraduate course types and offerings:

Independent Study: Special topic independent study courses can be offered using the Special Topics numbers outlined above. An independent study for an existing course can use the existing number. There is no need for special independent study numbers.

Traditional Undergraduate Program Courses vs. College of Professional and Liberal Studies Courses: Courses will no longer be differentiated by the last digit in the catalog number to distinguish these offerings.