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Undergraduate Internship

Undergraduate Internships can be paid or unpaid work experiences in corporate settings that relate to students’ major fields of study.  Students may receive academic credit for an internship experience. If a student wants to secure academic credit for an internship, the student should, prior to seeking the internship, meet with his/her academic advisor to determine whether he/she meets the department’s requirements to secure an internship (minimum GPA, enrollment status, and internship pre-requisites). Once eligibility has been confirmed, a student can seek internship opportunities through the Career Development Center, through faculty corporate contacts, or through individual internship postings on corporate websites (students who are not seeking academic credit can and should utilize these same resources). Once the internship has been secured, a student needs to provide a job description and a hire letter to his/her faculty mentor (usually an advisor or a faculty member the student has had for at least one class) for the internship. The student and the faculty mentor will complete all necessary internship paperwork to be forwarded to the Director of Cooperative Education. Under the direction of an Associate Dean of the Haub School of Business, the Director of Cooperative Education will approve the internship, if all factors related to the internship meet the University’s and the sponsoring academic department’s requirements.