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Pre-Dental Society at Saint Joseph's University

Delta Delta Sigma:  Pre-Dental Society at Saint Joseph’s University

The Pre-Dental Honor Society at Saint Joseph’s University is an active organization for those students who are interested in dentistry as a career.  The goal of the Pre-Dental Society is to educate students about opportunities in the field of Dentistry and to provide them with helpful knowledge and resources which may aid them in acceptance to Dental School. The organization provides many opportunities for community service, dental experience, leadership, and networking.  Extracurricular activities are a very important part of the applicant's materials. Most dental schools place emphasis on volunteer community service. Some volunteer experience in a dental setting is necessary. The mission of Delta Delta Sigma is to introduce students to the dental profession and provide a helpful environment for success in their pre-dental academics.

Officers of the Pre-Dental Society

Nicholas Julian,  President
Kelsey Henderson, Vice President


 Institute Program Description

Members of Delta Delta Sigma in conjunction with the Fellows at the Catholic Bioethics Institute provide a dental education and prevention clinic every semester for the students at the Community Partnership School. This clinic includes fluoride treatment, instruction on dental hygiene, nutrition education, etc. for both the students and their families. 

A team of 5-8 pre-dental students volunteer to give classes in dental hygiene to a group of children at Project HOME and selected Catholic elementary schools (K-8th grades) that are part of the SJU ACE program. The student volunteers also distribute tooth paste, tooth brushes and dental floss to each child. They also do fluoride treatments. The volunteers select two schools per semester.


2010-2011:  Our Mother of Sorrows and Saint Ignatius School: 

Students come to Our Mother of Sorrows from a variety of cultural, religious, and socio-economic backgrounds. Some students are second or third generation alumni, while others are first generation immigrants. Three out of four live with one parent or a non-parent family member. Over 65% qualify for free or reduced price lunch. Some walk to school, while others are driven over half an hour. One factor that unites our children and school families is a belief in the value and life-changing importance of a quality Catholic education.

The mission of Our Mother of Sorrows is to provide a Christ-centered quality education, to foster a spirit of inquiry and intellectual growth, and to prepare children to meet the challenges of the 21st Century in a healthy, safe and caring environment.  Our Mother of Sorrows continues to develop and implement programs centered around Science, Technology, and Humanities.  They create opportunities for prayer, service, and extra-curricular activities within the school and broader community to develop the whole child.