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Master 's in Health Care Ethics
Health Care Ethics Minor

Campus-Based Certificate Health Care Ethics

Global Health Care Ethics Minor
Online Only Certificate in Health Care Ethics

Students may elect any of the following options:

The Master of Arts Degree Program in Healthcare Ethics is a distinctive program of studies designed to prepare individuals for the complex and growing field of biomedical ethics.  It seeks to encourage learning and thinking from an interdisciplinary perspective and to foster a critical analysis of bioethical topics through the interplay between moral theory and medical practice.

The Certificate Program is intended as a value added component to the Health Administration, M.S. in Health Administration’s Health Education Joint Degree or M.S. in Long Term Care Administrative Programs.  We offer both a Campus-Based and Online Certificate Program.

The goal of a Health Care Ethics and Global Health Care Ethics Minor  is to graduate students with a broad and deep understanding of ehtics from a global perspective.  This understanding will be interdisciplinary, requiring courses in at least three different departments, and will assist students who seek a career and graduate sudy opportunities that require advanced knowledge of ethics.