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Saint Joseph's University International Travel Policy


In August 2013, Saint Joseph's University implemented two new policies affecting international travel - the International Travel Policy and Interim Faculty Travel Policy.  These policies were developed with extensive input from Academic Affairs, the Center for International Programs, the Office of Mission, Student Life, Financial Affairs, Athletics, the University's Risk Manager and General Counsel. Both policies were approved by the President's Cabinet. 


The International Travel Policy requires, for the sake of safety, that all Saint Joseph's University undergraduate and graduate students, administration, staff who travel internationally and all faculty traveling with students seek approval for such travel through the Center for International Programs (CIP).   The Policy also prohibits travel to countries or regions under a travel restriction from the Department of State, the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control or the Department of Treasury without prior permission.  Please be sure to read the full version of the International Travel Policy, which includes instructions for filing an appeal, protocols for approval and additional information.


The Interim Faculty Travel Policy allows faculty traveling internationally to pursue research in a country or region not  subject to the travel restrictions from the Department of State, the World Health Organization, U.S. Centers for Disease Control or the Department of Treasury to travel without CIP permission, but it does require all faculty traveling to register with the CIP. The Interim Policy indicates that if travel in support of faculty research is to a country or region with a Department of State Travel Warning or similar such restriction, the Dean, Provost and International Oversight Committee must be informed and final approval to travel to this country or region must be given by the Provost.  The Interim Policy has been reviewed by the Provost and Deans and approved on an interim basis because it will be submitted to governance review early this fall.  

Supplement to Policy: Policy Definitions


**Please note that the SJU International Travel Policy does not apply to students, faculty, and staff traveling internationally for personal reasons or on non-university-sponsored trips.  If you are an international student or scholar and would like further information about your immigration requirements for travel outside of the United States and reentry to the U.S., please contact your International Student Advisor.**



Please follow the guidelines provided in the policy checklists below:

I am a/an…


If you are participating in a credit-bearing study abroad program, please go here.



Request for Exception Form (for any traveler requesting an exception to the University's policy regarding Travel Warnings)

Student Travel Request Form

Group Travel Request Form

International Travel Registration Form (for ALL travelers)

Informed Consent and Waiver of Claims Form (for students, staff and administrators)

Travel Warnings Consent Form  (for any traveler who received approval to travel to a destination on the State Department's Travel Warning List)

Community Standards Agreement (for all student travelers)



As mandated by the Saint Joseph's University International Travel Policy, all students, staff and administrators traveling abroad for non-academic (i.e., credit-bearing) purposes under the auspices of the University are required to purchase International Travel Insurance through HTH Worldwide.  Information on coverage options and prices can be obtained on their website here:

In addition to the required travel accident insurance, travelers to regions that are politically unstable should consider purchasing an Emergency Assistance Program from a vendor such as International SOS.  Information on Emergency Assistance is available through the SJU Travel Office.