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Students who are applying to Saint Joseph's and are already in the U.S. have a slightly different immigration process than those applying from outside the country. If you are at another school in F-1 status, you will have to follow the procedures for transferring your F-1 status to SJU.

Students who are in another immigration status may need to first change to F-1 status or may have the option of remaining in their current status for their studies.  Not all international students at Saint Joseph’s need to be in F-1 status to study here. For instance if you are in H-1B status working full-time, and you want to take classes in addition to your job, you can do so. However, there are some cases where your immigration status prevents you from studying: F-2 spouses cannot pursue a degree; F-2 children can only study in elementary school and high school; B-1/B-2 visitors (tourist and business) can not study at all. Anyone presently in B-1/B-2 or F-2 status will need to change to F-1 status before you begin classes or you will violate your current status. If you are in certain other immigration categories, like H-4, you may wish to change your status to F-1 to be eligible for certain student benefits such as working on campus while you are studying or obtaining work permission once you graduate.

There are two ways to obtain a change to F-1 status. You should make an appointment to meet with an advisor at CIP to discuss your case if you need or want to change to F-1 status.