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Transfer Your F-1 Status to SJU

The Immigration Transfer Process

Download printable Transfer Recommendation Form here.

When an F-1 student transfers from one school to another they also need to transfer their I-20. If you are accepted to Saint Joseph’s and you indicated on your application that you are in the United States in F-1 status, CIP will mail you a Transfer Recommendation Form. Once you have decided to attend Saint Joseph’s, you should have your present school complete the form. You fill in the top portion, sign it, and give it to your international student advisor. He or she will complete the rest and return it to CIP. If you are traveling outside the United States between programs you will need to use a new SJU I-20 to return for classes. You should notify an advisor at CIP at least 2 weeks before you leave the country and discuss travel plans with us before making any final arrangements.

You and your international advisor will also need to decide on a transfer release date. This is the date that your electronic SEVIS record will be released by your current school and transferred to Saint Joseph's. Once this date arrives, the transfer cannot be canceled or changed. Normally the transfer release date is just after you complete the program or semester at your current school. You should also take into consideration the date you will enroll at Saint Joseph's University, any on-campus job or off-campus work permission, and travel plans. The transfer must occur within 60 days of the program end date on your I-20 or within 60 days of the end of any authorized post-completion Optional Practical Training.

In addition to the Transfer Recommendation and the electronic transfer of your SEVIS record, the College of Professional and Liberal Study students should inform the College of Professional and Liberal Study's Director of Admissions of your plans to enroll at Saint Joseph’s.

Undergraduate Day students must return the Enrollment Confirmation Form that was included with your acceptance notification plus the appropriate deposit. May 1st is the due date for this confirmation and deposit for students beginning in August. The sooner you send in your deposit, though, the sooner you reserve your space in the Freshman Class and the better your chances of getting your choice of on-campus housing.

Transferring College Credit to SJU
Students who have previous college credit may be able to transfer to that credit to Saint Joseph’s and apply it to their degree program here.

Graduate students should discuss the transfer of graduate credits with the chair of their academic department.

Undergraduate Day students must submit a course by course World Education Services® evaluation prior to admission to receive any postsecondary credit. Undergraduates with Advanced Placement exam credit or other types of test scores should contact the International Admissions Counselor to find out how to receive credit at Saint Joseph’s.

College of Professional and Liberal Studies students who wish to transfer postsecondary credit to SJU should contact the College of Professional and Liberal Study’s Director of Admissions.