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Applying to Saint Joseph’s
Visit the Admissions Website, and don’t forget to read the additional instructions for international students.

Registrar’s Office
The Registrar’s Office handles course scheduling, processes registration, coordinates graduation, issues diplomas, and maintains academic records. They also plan the university’s Academic Calendar. If you will be finishing your courses soon you need to file an Intent to Graduate Form so the Registrar’s Office can confirm your graduation. This office is located in Barbellin Hall, next to the Student Service Center.

Academic Departments
List of Departments
Course Catalogs
for the Undergraduate Day program, all Graduate programs, and the University College program contain information on programs of study, majors and course requirements, descriptions of courses, tuition costs, and many services offered. 

Undergraduate Day students majoring in any business field are part of the Erivan K. Haub School of Business (HSB). All business majors are required to participate in the HSB’s Laptop Program. Many of the business majors offer a Co-op Program that combines classroom studies with internships in the business world. The HSB also has an Advising Center for all business majors. Undergraduate Day students who are not business majors are part of the College of Arts & Sciences and can find advising help online. Psychology majors are also required to participate in a Psychology Laptop Program. There is information online for Graduate Arts & Sciences students and Graduate Haub School of Business students, as well as for undergraduate students in the University College program.

Academic Honesty
All SJU students are responsible for following the university’s Academic Honesty Policy. In the United States it is common to expect that all work will be done individually by each student – sharing work is permitted only if the professor specifically allows it and using someone’s work without their knowledge is never allowed. This includes quizzes and exams, take home and homework assignments, papers, research projects, and presentations. Violations can result in serious penalties; you could fail the assignment or possibly the course. Pay attention to assignment instructions, always cite others when you reference their work, and ask the professor if you have any questions.

Academic Services
The mission of the Student Educational Support Services Office is to help with the academic development of students at Saint Joseph’s. The Learning Resource Center offers tutoring and specialized review for certain classes, mainly for undergraduate students. The LRC also hosts workshops during the semester to help students improve skills so they can do better in their course work. Several conversation groups have been formed for students who speak English as their second language so that participants can practice speaking and listening skills in an environment outside the classroom. If you find yourself struggling at all during the semester, visit the LRC right away for help – the longer you wait, the harder it will be to catch up.

The Writing Center, run by the English Department, is a good resource for any students who want to become stronger writers. Tutors will read and review papers that you have written to help improve grammar and make your ideas clearer.

Student Success
Dr. Kim Allen-Stuck is the Director of Student Success & Student Ombudsperson. If you have academic concerns – about how you are doing in school or about your program of studies in general – if you are having trouble fitting in, or you’re just not sure where to go to fix or prevent a problem, you can talk to Kim ( and she will try to help you straighten things out so that you can be a happy, productive student.  Her office is in St. Thomas Hall, Lapsley Lane
Lower Merion Campus.

Saint Joseph’s University has two libraries on-campus. The Francis A. Drexel Library is the main library, located between Barbelin Hall and the Science Center, with books for all subject matter. The library participates in an area wide inter-library loan system, so that material you need is not at SJU but is at another participating school, it can be delivered to campus for you. The Haub School of Business also has its own Campbell Library in Mandeville Hall that has information related to food marketing and the food industry.