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St. Joseph's University Health and Safety Information

Physical Health
It’s important to take care of yourself while you are studying, both physically and mentally. The Student Health Center, located on the first floor of the Sourin Hall dormitory, is available while school is in session to help all students who aren’t feeling well. They also provide some vaccines and examinations and most services are free or low cost. If the staff at the Health Center cannot meet your needs, they will work with you to find local doctors who can. All services are confidential.

Mental Health
For students who are feeling stressed about classes or life in the U.S., who just don’t feel like themselves and need someone to talk to, or who may have more serious concerns about their mental health, doctors are available to listen at the Counseling and Personal Development Center. Main offices are located in the Merion Garden Dormitory on the fifth floor; a satellite office in the Campion Student Center is open for short periods during the week. Services are free but the number of sessions per semester can be limited. If your personal situation requires more attention the staff will work with you to find outside help. All services are confidential.

Medical Insurance
Health insurance is mandatory for all international students on F or J visas.  Students have the option of purchasing the plan arranged by the university or obtaining a comparable plan.  All students will be billed for the university plan and MUST submit a waiver if they have alternate insurance coverage.  The deadline to submit a waiver is usually two weeks after the first day of class. 

 Any student who does not submit the waiver request by the deadline will be enrolled automatically in the university plan.

If you enroll in the SJU sponsored Student Accident and Sickness Insurance Plan, you must always go to the Student Health Center for treatment before going to the hospital or other doctor unless the Student Health Center is closed or in case of a serious emergency. If do need to visit another doctor, either because the Health Center is not open or because they refer you to an outside specialist, be sure you check for a doctor who is part of the Devon Health System Network. This way a greater percentage of your expenses are covered. If you choose someone outside of the network, you will be charged for a larger portion of the treatment. For more details please refer to the health plan policy in the brochure.

Students who participate in the health insurance plan sponsored by the university can contact CIP with questions related to using the insurance plan or for help with billing. Any student who has their own plan must contact their insurance provider directly for help.

Saint Joseph’s Office of Safety and Security is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week throughout the year. They deal with security issues on-campus, in the surrounding area, and might even be able to help if you experience problems off-campus. There are several emergency phones located throughout campus which you can recognize by their blue signs that call Security directly and inform them of your location. This office also operates the university’s Shuttle and Escort systems. The SJU Shuttle carries students from main campus to the west campus area where many upperclassmen live in university dorms. The Escort service transports students who live in nearby off-campus apartments. Students purchase on-campus parking passes from the Safety and Security Office. Their main phone number and emergency line is 610-660-1111. You can call anytime you have an emergency or need an escort.

The phone number to reach emergency services from anywhere in the United States is 911. You will be connected with an operator who will ask for your location and the nature of your emergency. The operator will then send an ambulance, fire truck and/or the police depending on your need. This is for true emergencies only and misuse is punished severely.