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St. Joseph's University Financial Information

Tuition and Payments
The Student Service Center, located in Barbelin Hall, handles all aspects of billing and payments. They also have information about signing up for payment plans. You can register for your classes or change your class schedule here. This office assists the Registrar’s Office in disseminating important course information, graduation materials, etc. Request an official transcript if you need one. It is in effect the general information center for the university.

Scholarships and Financial Aid
Scholarships at Saint Joseph’s are awarded by the admissions offices on academic merit based on the information you submitted with your application. They are not usually increased once you arrive on-campus. Scholarships are administered by the Office of Financial Assistance, located in St. Thomas Hall on Lapsley Lane. If you have questions about how your scholarship is being applied you should contact your counselor (you are assigned a counselor by your last name). Students who have an approved Reduced Course Load need to request an advisor at CIP to send a letter confirming your full-time status to Financial Assistance to receive your award during the semester you are under-enrolled.

Unfortunately, there is no “financial aid” available to non-United States citizens or permanent residents because financial aid awards come from the U.S. government. Also, loans are not normally available to international students unless you have a U.S. citizen or permanent resident who will co-sign for the loan. If you do, contact your Financial Aid Counselor for information on the process.

On-Campus Jobs
All students in F-1 and J-1 status are allowed to work on-campus, part-time while school is in session and full-time during vacation periods. (J-1 students do need to get written permission from CIP before they start their on-campus job.) Because no one office keeps track of available positions, it’s up to the individual student to seek out on-campus employment. Look for help-wanted flyers posted in various locations around campus and for electronic announcements via MySJU. The best way to find a job is to be proactive – visit different offices to see if they are hiring. Even if they are not, ask if you can fill out an application or leave your resume so that they know you are interested when a position becomes available. Keep in mind that you will not be eligible for any work-study positions. For more information, see our Employment Page.

Working Off-Campus
In order to work off-campus, students in F-1 and J-1 status must always have special work authorization before they can begin working. The most common types for F-1 students are Curricular Practical Training and Optional Practical Training. For J-1 students it is called Academic Training. In certain cases where students are experiencing severe and unexpected financial difficulties, students may be eligible for work permission based on Employment Need.

Career Services
All students have access to the services of the Career Development Center to help with career planning and their job search. Staff at the Career Development Center will help you polish your resume, prepare for job interviews and search for jobs or internships. They host meetings and job fairs throughout the year to help students plan. The Career Development Center is located in the Overbrook Hall dormitory on the first floor.