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St. Joseph's University Other Services

All food services on-campus are provided by Aramark's Dining Services. The main office is in the Crimson Cafeteria in the Campion Student Center, but cafeterias and snack carts are stationed all over campus. You can find their locations, hours of operation, and special menu items on the web. There are explanations of the various meal plans that are offered for students living on-campus. The catering menu, for groups ordering food for a special event on-campus is here, as well as a “care package” offering in case family members at home want to send you a treat.

Computers and Technology
The Office of Information and Technology manages SJU’s computers and labs, network, email, database and telephones. IT staff can help you with any problems you encounter in your electronic account, MySJU, email, password and logon, and personal computer. Call x3070 or email them with problems.

There are several computer labs for student use throughout campus. The main lab is in the Science Center, Room 129. There are multiple computer stations, several printers, and staff to assist with difficulties. There are also labs in Barbelin, Mandeville, Post, Bellarmine and Campion.

Campus Bookstore
The university’s Bookstore sells all the text books you will need for your classes, plus notebooks, folders, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, highlighters, rulers, calculators, dictionaries, etc. They also have books for pleasure reading, music CDs, computer disks, printer ink, candy and snacks, posters, and some personal items and medicines. Show your Hawk pride by getting SJU apparel and paraphernalia! Send some home so your family can feel closer to you. The Bookstore is located in Simpson Hall, next to the Campion Student Center.

There is a Mail Room on-campus which students can use to buy stamps and send letters and packages. The Mail Room is located in the Barbelin Building at the base of the Bell Tower. Any express mail deliveries or packages larger than the mailboxes made to students living in university dorms go to the Receiving Office in Room 204 of the Science Center. You should be notified when the package arrives or you can check with Receiving at 610-660-1371.