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Student Handbook
It’s important for all students to be aware that, as a member of the SJU community, you have a responsibility to represent the Saint Joseph’s in a positive way through your actions. The SJU Student Handbook lays out what is expected of all St. Joe’s students, as well as policies and procedures at the university and what you can expect of the staff here.

Student Life
The Student Leadership and Activities Office is devoted to making your experience at St. Joe’s one of personal and social growth in addition to an academic one. They oversee all undergraduate student groups at the university, so if you are looking to join one you can always visit them on the Third Floor of the Campion Building to see what interests you. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, expand your circle of friends, and gain leadership experience while you are in college.

On-Campus Housing
All Undergraduate students in the day program live on-campus in dormitories during their Freshman and Sophomore years. Dormitory living is maintained and monitored by the Residence Life Office. Each dormitory building, from the high-rises to the houses to the apartments, has its own unique charm and there are descriptions of each online. Other factors to consider when choosing a dormitory are the costs as semesterly rates do vary among the different types of housing options. Some types require students to participate in the Dining Plan. The benefits of living in the dorms are having campus security officers in the buildings or patrolling the area; a Resident Assistant who monitors the building and can help with roommate conflicts and adjustment problems; easy access to class buildings, the cafeteria and the library; and most importantly social access to meeting new friends.

Through on-campus housing, students have the option to participate in the university’s Living Learning Program. This allows students the opportunity of choosing to live with other students who share an interest in a particular area of study or academic program. This gives students in the hall the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the subject through classes, activities and programs, and each other.

For all students living in university dorms, it’s important to note that they do close over some university breaks. If you need to remain on-campus during one of these closings you will have to make individual arrangements with the staff of Residence Life. Talk to your RA (Resident Assistant), your AC (Area Coordinator), or contact the Residence Life Office in LaFarge Hall. You may need to move to a different building and you may be asked to pay a fee for the extra time you remain in housing.

Off-Campus Housing
For Undergraduates in the day program who wish to move out of the dorms during their Junior or Senior year, or for Graduate and University College students who must live off-campus, the Off-Campus Housing Office can help you with all your housing needs. They maintain information on local apartment buildings, rooms and houses for rent; can explain lease agreements and standard procedure; provide tips on safety and security issues; and aid in disputes with your landlord. Their website also has helpful information about where to find furniture and household items in the area, and contact details for local utilities and organizations. The Off-campus Housing Office is located in Room 239 of the Campion Center and is coordinated by Denys Davis.

Sports Center and Athletics
SJU’s Student Sports Complex is O'Pake Recreation Center. It contains a gym with aerobic and weight machines plus free weights, a swimming pool, locker rooms, and several indoor sports courts. There is also an outdoor track with field and tennis courts. The staff at the Fieldhouse also host several intramural programs (where SJU students play against other SJU students) along with coaching the inter-collegiate sports teams of the university. SJU’s basketball team, it’s most beloved sports team, plays their games in the Fieldhouse. To get tickets or to find out more about any of the university’s teams, visit the Athletics website.

Campus Ministry
Saint Joseph’s is a Roman Catholic, Jesuit university. As such, the religious and social service aspects of student life here are held in high regard. The Office of Campus Ministry offers students a chance to participate in religious ministry here on-campus and to volunteer their time to those less fortunate off-campus. The center of the university’s religious activities is the Michael J. Smith, S.J. Memorial Chapel, more commonly called The Chapel. The Faith-Justice Institute continues this mission through academic experiences which invite students to develop themselves as “men and women for others.” Both offices are located in the Wolfington Center, next to the Campion Building.