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Student Profiles

Are you missing your study abroad experience? Do you want to share your stories with other SJU students? Do you think every student should study abroad? For those of you who think you have great advice to share, but aren't ready to commit to being a Peer Ambassador - complete a Study Abroad Student Profile!!    

The CIP office wants to feature YOU and your abroad experience (pictures, advice, stories) on our website to help encourage other Hawks to go abroad. Complete the Student Profile Application, and return to


Semester/Year Student Profiles

Abby Rivello - Galway,Ireland Beth Villanyi - Buenos Aires, Argentina  Elise Knezo -Sydney, Australia  Gillian Murphy - Florence, Italy Grace Durkin - CapeTown, South Africa
Jayson Madara - Tokyo, Japan Joseph Cerrone - Brussels, Belgium Juliana Lamberti - Florence, Italy Keara Parciak - Paris, France Kelsey Schranze -Copenhagen, Denmark 
Kyle Hopkins -Galway, Irealand  Melissa Ehrlichman-Florence, Italy Natalie White - Rome, Italy Timothy Dolinger - Santiago, Chile

Yasemin Erkan - London, England

Travis Knapp - Melbourne, Australia  Blair Kiley- Santiago, Chile Rachel Dennen - Cork, Ireland  Nicole Quirk- Semester at Sea

Abigail Gabriel - Santiago, Chile

Katherine Rice - Cork, Ireland Dana Saraco - Rome, Italy Caitlin Lavorgna - Cape Town, South Africa Sarah Kelly - Cape Town, South Africa

Ashley Karkenny - Madrid, Spain

Christine Kane- Florence, Italy Kelly Mulhall - Rome, Italy Jess Nevins- Florence, Italy Elizabeth Parker - Cork, Ireland


Study Tour Student Profiles


SPA 355 Argentina/Uruguay: Kathryn Smith

FMK 330 Italy: Norene Drici


ODL 685: Italy: Ken Munroe

SJU Summer Program Student Profiles

SJU Summer Program in Greece 2013
Alexa Tsapstinos

SJU Summer Program in Rome 2013
Emily Skill

SJU Summer Program in China 2013
Aidan Tyson