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Student Profile: Aidan Tyson- China

Aidan Typson SJU China

Major: International Relations

Abroad Program: SJU Summer Program in China 2013
Course: HIS 358: Contemporary China
Highlight: Exploring different restaurants in Nanjing
Best Excursion: Biking through mountains and rivers in Yanshou

Favorite Dish: Pork and Cilantro sandwiches
Least Favorite Dish: fish dishes
Next Destination: Australia

What was a typical day like for you while abroad?

A typical day while we were staying in Nanjing would usually start off with one of the local breakfast spots around campus that were usually extremely cheap and always delicious. Class started at 9am and lasted for three hours, but it went quickly because Dr. Carter always kept it interesting. After class a group of us would usually either experiment with new lunch places or stick with a few spots that we became regulars at. Upon returning from lunch I usually found myself playing basketball at the outdoor courts on campus with the local Chinese students. There are always students on the court and they welcome you to play with them. Many other students would go to the gym on campus or run on the track. There is never nothing to do during the day.  Sometimes instead of playing basketball me and a group of other students would pick a new part of the city to explore such as the massive public park or the old city wall. Also many days we went on cultural site visits with the professors to different monuments or museums that were sometimes thousands of years old. Dinner was where most of us got adventurous and tried many new places but also went to some western style restaurants that reminded us of home food.

Describe your living situation.

Every place that we stayed in China was extremely comfortable and clean. I only had one roommate the entire trip and he was one of my good friends at Saint Joe's. We stayed in many hotels in China and all of them were very well kept and located in very nice and safe areas. Every place we stayed at had all the modern conveniences you would have at hotels in the United States such as bathrooms in every room, single beds, and air conditioning.

How do you see this experience affecting your future?

I feel that this experience will positively impact my future in several ways. I can say that I learned a great deal not only about the history of China in the classroom, but also the culture that comes along with living in a country for a month. It has shown me that I can go out of my comfort zone in foreign countries and cultures so that in the future I will learn even more when I visit foreign countries. It also has made me want to possibly work abroad during my career after college because I enjoyed living and experiencing a new culture so much. Employers will also favorably look upon those who have such a unique international experience that is travelling to China. 


Aidan Tyson SJU China 2