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Student Profile: Andrea McFadden - American University of Rome


Major(s): Pharmeceutical Marketing

Abroad Program: American University of Rome    

Where: Rome, Italy

When (Semester & Year): Fall 2012   

Favorite Course: Italian

Highlight:  Running the Hunger Run around the coliseum and forum, followed by lunch at the U.S. Ambassadors house

Best Excursion:  Croatia

Favorite Dish: Pizza

Least Favorite Dish: Spaghetti alla carbonara

Next Destination: Switzerland


What was one challenge you faced? How did you deal with this challenge?  

One of the challengesI faced was I ddid not know any Italian. Going to Rome, I had never taken an  Italian class in my life but wanted to experience thier culture. Once I arrived it was difficult to ask people for directions ro read food labels while food shopping. I ended up switching into an Italian culture class when I arrived because I was eager to learn more about the language. This was one of the best decisions. I had the most amazing teacher who wanted to help us with Italian that we would use on a day-tod-day babsed. Althrough not speaking the language was a challenge at first it became easier within the first week. If people see that you are trying to speak their language they try and listen to you to see if they can help at all. 

Describe your best travel experience.

My best travel experiencewas when I went to Croatia. Going to Croatia has been a lifelong dream of mine. I had seen pictures online and TV shows that made this country look like the ideal vacation spont. It is a country between Sloevenia and Bosnia. I visited the city of Spilt, Croatia. Itt wasa beautiful port city on the coast. The beaches were unlike anywhere I had been before. The water was crystal clear. I also visited Krka National Park where we swam in waterfalls and hiked through the most breahtaking paths. This was the most unforgettable place I have ever been. 

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to a student who is about to study abroad?

One piece of advice that I would pass on would be to do as much exploring as you can! Don't waste your time inside, get outside and get to know your city. You are only there for a few months and they fly by and you you will be wishing for more time.