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Student Profile: Christine Kane - Fairfield University in Florence, Italy


Major(s): Managing Human Capital

Abroad Program: Fairfield University in Florence

Where & When: Florence, Italy

Favorite Course: Nutrition

Highlight: Being able to live and go to school in Florence  

Best Excursion: Fall break: England, Scotland & Ireland

Favorite Dish: Pear Ravioli

Least Favorite Dish: It was Italy...

Next Destination: Australia

What did you learn to love about the culture(s)?

Living in Italy, I learned quickly the idea of Italian time. Everything in their culture is slowed down which is an adjustment from the fast-paced American lifestyle. From the way they eat to the way they work to the pace at which they walk, they appreciate and enjoy everything life has to offer. My experience has defiantly helped me to slow down and enjoy the little things in life. Our lives will always be filled with busy schedules and never ending lists of things to get done but if you don’t stop to appreciate all you have, where is the fun in it?

Describe your best travel experience.

The best and most memorable travel experience over my semester was my fall break for 10 days in October. My roommates and I planned a trip to England, Scotland and Ireland. We booked ahead and found cheap travel arrangements and stayed in hostels. The highlight of the trip was staying with my relatives in London. I was able to meet my oldest living family member, who shared stories with me about my grandparents. Later that day I went to a family party and met the majority of my extended family and that is without a doubt my favorite memory of the trip. From almost missing our flight due to an Italian strike, to our no shoes allowed hostel in Scotland, to luggage falling apart in the streets of Dublin, it was for sure the most memorable experience of my life. These were three countries I had always dreamed of visiting and to being able to travel there was literally a dream come true.

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to a student who is about to study abroad?

Trying new things and meeting new people make your experience what it is, you will learn more from it than you think.   Go into the experience with a completely open mind, many people who have gone before you will remind you of how amazing their experience was but everyone is different and so is everyone’s experience. Planning ahead and making a budget including what you can afford and what you want to accomplish during your time will be more than beneficial when looking back.   This is an experience you will never forget so put time into it so you can get everything you want out of it.