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Student Profile: Nicole Quirk-Semester at Sea


Name: Nicole Quirk

Major(s): Sociology

Minor(s): Business, Faith-Justice

Abroad Program: Semester at Sea

Where & When: All over the Atlantic, Fall 2013

Favorite Course: Geography of Wine

Highlight: Meeting students from all over the world

Best Excursion: Pinar De Rio Tour in Havana, Cuba

Favorite Dish: Brazilian Steakhouse

Least Favorite Dish: Tajin in Morroco

Next Destination: Australia

Describe your living situation.

I lived on a ship for 4 months, and it was amazing. Everything that we needed was less than a 4-minute walk away. The only real connection that we had with the outside world was email and so we spent our time doing other things like going to seminars, laying by the pool, knitting, watching sunsets over the ocean, and most importantly getting to know the people who we were on this amazing journey with. Between spending hours at meals talking and traveling in port, we really got to connect with everyone on a whole different level. 

How do you see this experience affecting your future?

I now have connections not only all over the world from my travels, but also all over the states because of the students who I met on the ship. This has already opened up so many doors and will only continue to do so. The travel bug is a real thing and I think that SAS has really helped me to learn not to be a tourist but a traveler. 

What is one piece of advice you would pass on to a student who is about to study abroad?

Be open to anything. Try new food, step out of your comfort zone and just go with the experience.