Center for International Programs - Semester/Year Abroad

Information for Accepted Students

Congratulations!  You are about to embark on the experience of a lifetime! 

If you have been approved by the CIP and have received an official acceptance notification from the overseas university or program, you are in good shape.   If you have been approved by Saint Joe’s, but have not been accepted to your university or program yet, don’t panic!  It typically takes about 2-4 weeks for overseas programs and universities to make an admissions decision.  Please contact Courtney Tomlinson with any questions about the status of your application.

If you have been accepted to study abroad for Spring 2014, there are many things you will need to do to prepare for your semester abroad:   

  • Attend the (3) mandatory pre-departure meetings: 1- General Next Steps Meeting 2- Program Specific Pre-departure Information Meeting 3-Health & Safety Abroad Meeting
    • Pre-departure Mtg #1: October 17, 2013 - Presidents Lounge, 11:30AM-12:45PM
    • Pre-departure Mtg #2: MV 203, 11:30-12:45PM
      • Nov. 5, 2013 - UK, Ireland, Australia, NZ
      • Nov. 7, 2013 - Italy
      • Nov. 12, 2013 - Latin America & Spain
      • Nov. 14, 2013 - Africa
      • Nov. 19, 2013 - Asia & Europe
    • Pre-departure Mtg #3: December 3, 2013 - Banquet Hall North, 11:30AM-12:45 PM
  • Read the SJU Study Abroad Pre-Departure Guide.  The guide contains important information on SJU study abroad policies, health and safety, travel and logistics, advice on cultural adjustment, and re-entry information. All students should take a copy of the guide abroad with them.
  • ALL study abroad students, regardless of program, will need to complete and submit the following to CIP before leaving campus (some programs will need to submit additional materials):

·         $100 non-refundable continuing registration fee (check or money order; made payable to 'Saint Joseph's Univeristy')

·         Photocopy of the signature/photo page of your passport

·         General Release Form

·         Insurance Verification Form with attached proof of insurance

·         Community Standards Agreement Form

·         Emergency Contact Form

·         Course Equivalency Approval Form

·         Four Course Policy Form (only if applicable)

  • Obtain the appropriate travel documents, including a student visa (usually 4-12 weeks to process) if required for your host country.  For more information, visit the website for the consulate of the country in which you are studying (NOT the U.S. government).  Because of our relationship with the Italian Consulate in Philadelphia, students studying abroad in Italy will be assisted with the visa process.
  • Register at SJU for the appropriate study abroad placeholder course for the semester you will be abroad.  Placeholder CRN's are e-mailed to students a few months prior to departure; registration does not need to occur on the designated registration day, but must be completed by the end of registration period.
  • Study the history, culture, current events of your study abroad destination.  Use the Resource link as a guide, and consult the sites below to follow international news and events in your host country and to prepare yourself for cultural differences:
  • Meet with one of our knowledgeable Peer Ambassadors. 

WITHDRAW/DEFER your study abroad application:

If you decide at any time of the application process that you wish to withdraw from your program, or defer your application to the following semester, please complete this form. Fill in all fields completely and submit to the CIP as soon as your decision is final. Please note: this form is processed the day it is received, not the day it is signed. In addition, students are responsible about contacting their program about their decision to withdraw and/or defer in a timely manner.