Center for International Programs - Semester/Year Abroad

Saint Joseph's University Study Abroad Policy

Please be advised that starting with the fall 2003 semester, the following policy will be in effect for Saint Joseph’s University students who wish to study abroad and receive credit toward their Saint Joseph’s degree.  Under this new policy, students will remain registered at SJU and pay SJU full-time day tuition plus a Continuing Registration fee for the semester or year they will be studying abroad. 

Students will be considered to be enrolled at Saint Joseph’s University while abroad and will be allowed to receive his/her entire financial aid package.  Saint Joseph’s University will then pay the overseas program for the tuition portion of the program.  Students will be responsible for all non-tuition fees associated with the program they will be attending.  Please note that for some Saint Joseph’s University affiliated programs, students may be required to pay other fees to Saint Joseph’s University first and Saint Joseph’s University will then forward these fees to the program sponsor.

Students must receive proper approval for their proposed program of study.  Upon successful completion of an approved foreign program of study, credit will be granted towards graduation for all appropriate courses taken on SJU affiliated or approved programs. 


Students apply directly to the sponsoring institution and also to the Center for International Programs. Application deadlines are March 1st for the fall semester and October 1st for the spring semester.  It is important to remember that the deadlines for individual programs may be earlier than the Saint Joseph’s University deadline.  Space for some programs is limited and early applications are encouraged. 

Although we will try to help Saint Joseph’s University students gain admission into the programs of their choice, our approval does not guarantee admission.  Students are responsible for understanding and meeting the regulations, requirements, and deadlines specific to the program of their choice. 


Students are required to maintain full time enrollment, attend class regularly and comply with all program regulations and individual course requirements in any program they choose.  Students who leave the program before it is officially over will not receive credit for their work. 


Credit will be given towards graduation for all appropriate courses taken on SJU programs or approved programs abroad.  Students must, however, get approval for their proposed program from their major advisor. 



All courses including internships must be taken on A-F basis unless this option is not available.

Before your study abroad course credits and grades are posted to your transcript, every student is required to do an exit interview, so that the CIP can get the opportunity to find out more about your study abroad experience.  Please don’t forget to schedule an appointment with the CIP after your return.  


Students who apply to study abroad programs should be in good academic and disciplinary standing with Saint Joseph’s University and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.  Students will be asked to sign a waiver allowing the Center for International Programs to check with the Dean’s Office regarding both academic and disciplinary standing.  Any current or pending discipline issue will be taken into account in evaluating a student’s application to study abroad.   Students must maintain this good standing up through departure and for the duration of the study abroad program.  If a student loses academic or disciplinary standing after being approved, the student will have their approval revoked and they will be responsible for any non-recoverable financial commitment that Saint Joseph’s University has made on the student’s behalf.  It is the student’s responsibility to immediately inform the Center for International Programs of any change regarding their academic and disciplinary standing.  The CIP will also be receiving periodic notification from the SJU Community Standards office regarding changes in a student’s disciplinary standing.


Students are considered to be enrolled at Saint Joseph’s University while abroad, and will therefore pay Saint Joseph’s full-time day tuition fees.  Saint Joseph’s University will then pay the program for the tuition portion of the program. 

Depending on the specific program, some students will be billed for room and board costs in addition to the tuition fees on their Saint Joseph’s invoice.  Please see specific program descriptions available at the Center for International Programs to determine how room and board costs will be billed.   

All forms of financial aid can be applied to Saint Joseph’s-APPROVED programs.  This includes Saint Joseph’s grants, loans, scholarships, and state and federal awards, such as Pell Grants and Guaranteed Student Loans.  A financial aid package for a student participating on a Saint Joseph’s-Approved program will be based on the specific costs of the program in which the student will be studying.  The following expenses will be included when calculating a student’s financial need: tuition and fees, room and board, books, airfare for round-trip ticket and miscellaneous expenses such as local transportation, police registration fees, immunizations and any health insurance required by the host country.  Students may not use any of their financial aid towards a Non-Approved program. 


If a student wishes to attend a university or study abroad program that is not currently affiliated with Saint Joseph’s or is currently not an approved program and therefore not recognized for academic credit, the student must petition the Center for International Programs.   Please note that this is only an option for students who have specific academic needs that can not be met on any of the current Saint Joseph’s approved programs.

The petition will be reviewed by a committee before a decision is made to determine if the proposal will be accepted.

Please note that petitions for study abroad on nonaffiliated programs are not routinely approved.   Only petitions with clear academic objectives and compelling academic reasons are considered.  Applications may be obtained at the Center for International Programs.  

Before preparing a petition, the student must consult with their Saint Joseph’s University academic advisor as well as a study abroad advisor.  Students should discuss with their academic advisor their specific interest in study abroad, and secondly how will a study abroad experience best fit into their academic program.  

Petitions are judged on the merit of the student’s academic objectives in relation to specific study abroad opportunities for which they are seeking approval.  Petitioners are expected to have superior grades and sound academic preparation.   It is also expected that the student will have strong support from their major advisor. 

Petitions for programs that are largely duplicate to, or are in enrollment competition with, existing Saint Joseph’s programs, reciprocal university exchanges, or recognized affiliated programs in the same city or country will not normally be approved. 

The absolute deadline for filing petitions for study abroad during the spring semester is October 1st of the preceding semester, and for fall semester the deadline is March 1st of the preceding semester. 

If the student’s petition is approved, the student’s study abroad program will be administered by Saint Joseph’s University in the same way as all other study abroad programs and the student must pay Saint Joseph’s tuition. 


Students who are receiving SJU family tuition benefits will be able to use these tuition scholarships toward their study abroad experiences.  Family Tuition Benefit is available only for courses taken as part of a bachelors or masters degree program. Travel and expenses (other than tuition) for overseas programs, study abroad or other credit work at locations away from the main campus are not covered by the Family Tuition Benefits program.

Students who are the children of employees at other colleges/universities who are receiving scholarships through FACHEX and the Tuition Exchange Program may use these awards toward any approved study abroad program through Saint Joseph’s University.   For more information about FACHEX and the Tuition Exchange Program, please contact the Financial Assistance Office at 610-660-1555.