Center for International Programs - Semester/Year Abroad

Petition Program Information

Non-Approved / Petition Programs

If a student wishes to apply to a study abroad program that is not currently on this Approved or Affiliated Program List, they should carefully read the Study Abroad Policy for more information on petitioning to attend Non-Approved/Affiliated Programs. Students should also make an appointment to meet with the Study Abroad Advisor to discuss the petition process.

How to Apply

Deadline: Spring semeter- October 1st, Fall semester- March 1st. After your Petition Application is complete, the committee will meet and you will be notified if your petition has been approved. 

If the student's petition is approved, the student's study abroad program will be administered by Saint Joseph's University in the same way as all other study abroad programs and the student must pay Saint Joseph's tuition. All forms of financial aid are applicable if the petition is approved.

Petition Programs Attended by SJU students: (**DISCLAIMER: Petitions are reviewed on by-case basis and the list below does not indicate that your petition will be approved**)


Pre-Approved Course List

 AIFS- Hybderabad, India

 CEA - San Jose, Costa Rica


 API -London, England


 BCA - Athens, Greece


 Bond University - Australia


 CEA - Paris, France


 CIEE Donimincan Republic                  pdf

 CIEE Prague, Czech Republic


 Danish Institute for Study Abroad- Copenhagen


 Global Learning Semesters - Paris, France


 IES Abroad - Amsterdam, Netherlands                 pdf
 IES Abroad - Barcelona, Spain                 pdf
 IES Abroad - Freiburg, Germany  
 IES Abroad - Berlin, Germany  
 IES Abroad - Nantes, France  
 IFSA- Butler - London School of Economics                  pdf
 IFSA- Butler - Peru                  pdf
 Queen Mary Univeristy - London, England                  pdf
 Queens University- Belfast, Ireland
 Semester at Sea                  pdf
 SIT South Africa
 SIT Uganda and Rwanda
 Spring Hill College - Bologna, Italy                  pdf
 Temple University - Tokyo, Japan  pdf
 The Aix Center - Provence, France
 University of Kansas - San Jose, Costa Rica
 University of Aberdeen - Scotland  pdf
 University of Edinburgh - Scotland  pdf
 Wayne State University - Munich, Germany
 Yonsei University - Seoul, South Korea