Center for International Programs - Semester/Year Abroad

Forms and Applications

**For program-specific application requirements, see the chart on the Program Information page! In addition to the SJU Application below, you are required to submit a program-specific application.  All paper applications must come through the CIP office; please do not mail an application directly to your program.

For semester abroad and academic year students only.  Please complete all sections of the application and include your short essay answers on a separate sheet of paper.  A paragraph for each question is sufficient. 
All students are required to submit two (2) faculty recommendations from professors who have taught them in class.  Employer/supervisor recommendations will not be accepted.  In some cases, you may be required to submit a recommendation form that is specific to the program you are applying to.  Recommendations can be faxed, e-mailed or hand-delivered to the CIP.  You must discuss the preferred method of delivery with your professor.

Students who are planning to study abroad during the fall or spring of their senior year are required to complete this form and submit it with their study abroad application.

Programs and universities in England, Scotland and Australia only permit students to take four, 4-credit courses or three, 5-credit courses per semester at that institution. Due to the fact that this may impact a student’s graduation course requirements, SJU will allow students to waive one or two electives, which would otherwise have been completed as SJU.

If you have applied for and been accepted into a study abroad program, but have decided not to study abroad or wish to defer to another semester(s), you must fill out this form. 

Saint Joseph's University offers several scholarships from $500 to $1,500 for Saint Joseph's University students studying abroad on semester or year programs.   Completed scholarship applications must be submitted in full by March 15 for Fall programs and October 15 for Spring programs.  Please refer to the Scholarship & Finacial Aid page for more information. 

**To open and read these documents, you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download from the Adobe Acrobat website for free.