Center for International Programs - Semester/Year Abroad

Becoming a Peer Ambassador

Can’t stop talking about your experience abroad? You should consider applying for a Peer Ambassador position with the Center for International Programs!

Purpose of Program:

  • To assist the Center for International Programs with marketing/outreach efforts
  • To inform prospective study abroad students about the general study abroad process, as well as specific, approved programs
  • To supplement the advising process by including a unique student perspective
  • To assist with the internationalization of the SJU campus

Volunteer Position Description:
The main function of a Peer Ambassador is to act as a student representative of the CIP, sharing their experience and knowledge of study abroad. Peer Ambassadors will meet with interested students and groups, and act as guides throughout the study abroad preparation process.


  • Previous participation on an approved semester abroad program or an SJU summer program
  • Good disciplinary and academic standing
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 15hours per semester
  • A strong commitment to and passion for International Education
  • Awareness of world geography or at least an intimate knowledge of a specific country/region
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Ability to advise prospective students in a professional, truthful and open manner, while supporting the SJU Study Abroad Policies and the goals of the CIP

Possible Benefits for the Peer Ambassadors:

  • The opportunity to share their international experiences with their peers and inspire others to broaden their horizons
  • Obtain hands on training and experience in the field of International Education
  • Enhance leadership, public speaking and problem solving skills
  • Resume-builder

Additional Notes:

This is a voluntary position.  Students must be committed and truly interested in promoting study abroad.  The application would be sent to all juniors and seniors who have studied abroad for a semester or year on an approved program.  We can start with a maximum of five Peer Ambassadors; however, there may be room to expand the program in the future if it proves to be successful. 

Peer Ambassadors will be chosen based on their application responses, as well as their previous interactions with the Study Abroad Advisor.  As you can see on the application, students will be able to indicate their preferred degree of involvement.  Preference will be given to those able to hold walk- in office hours.

The students selected for the Peer Ambassador program will be expected to attend 1 mandatory training.

Application Materials: Peer Ambassador 2013-2014 Application

Deadlines: July 1, 2013- Academic Year 2013-2014; January 6th, 2014 - Calendar Year 2014


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