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SJU Policies

Community Standards Policies

Students that participate in a SJU Study Tour or Summer Program are expected to continue to follow University policies and expectations as outlined by the Office of Community Standards. In order to participate, students sign a Travel Abroad Community Standards Agreement that explains students participating “are governed by the Saint Joseph’s University Community Standards as stated in the Student Handbook." Failure to abide by all requirements of the agreement will result in the student being dropped by the program.

Furthermore, the Saint Joseph’s University Alcohol, Drug, and Harassment policies also apply to students while abroad. These policies can be found in the Student Handbook. Shortcuts to the policies are below:

SJU Alcohol Policy

SJU Drug Policy

SJU Policy Prohibiting Harassment


Withdrawal Refund Policy

In addition to following University standards and expectations, participating students also sign a Program Agreement that they agree to the Terms of Participation. It is extremely important that students and their families understand what this agreement is. This withdrawal policy is outlined in the Study Tour or Summer Program application and is summarized below:

“I agree to immediately notify CIP in writing should I choose to withdraw from the program. Only that portion of my tuition and fees which has not been committed on my behalf to the University and/or any third party at the time of my cancellation will be refunded to me. All refunds are subject to the University's receiving my notice of cancellation in writing. If I withdraw from the program before paying my tuition and fees, I acknowledge the University's right to bill me for any financial commitments made on my behalf to the University and/or any third party, and I agree that I am financially responsible for such costs incurred.”

Study Tours are courses for which you must pay tuition – plus the program fee. If a course is a regular spring semester course which you are taking as part of your regular load of courses, then the tuition that you pay remains the same. However, if you choose to take the study tour course as an overload, you must pay overload course fees. If you take a summer program course, you must pay summer tuition plus the program fee.

Once the final Study Tour program fee has been set, the students will receive an email outlining the cost of the tour and when payments are due. We allow students to pay in installments over a period of a few month's time. All payments must be paid on time so that we may in turn, pay program providers on your behalf.

Study Tour program fees are often given as estimates during the planning phase of the programs. This is because the cost of the tour often depends on the number of students attending. The more students attending, typically, the less the tour cost. This is because there are more people sharing the cost of group expenses such as buses, tour guides, etc. When fewer students attend a tour, the cost rises due to fewer people sharing these group costs. SJU makes decisions as to whether or not tours are economically feasible to run following the application deadline.

If SJU cancels a tour, then the $300 deposit is refundable. However, if SJU runs a tour, and a student decides not to go, the deposit remains non-refundable.