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Saint Joseph's University and the Center for International Programs (CIP) are pleased to offer our students SJU faculty-led Study Tour opportunities around the world.

Please note the following general timeline for submission of Study Tour proposals. Please review all of the documents below before submitting a proposal to your Department Chair.

  1. By mid-February: Submit proposals to your Department Chair
  2. About 1 week later: Department Chairs submit proposals to Dean's offices
  3. By end of February: Dean's office forwards approved proposals to CIP
  4. Third week in March: International Education Committee reviews proposals
  5. By early to mid-April: CIP informs faculty of their status

Specific dates will be announced via email to faculty each year around November/December.

Feel free to contact the Center for International Programs for more information.

As per University Study Tour Policy, all study tours offered for academic credit must include some pre-departure and post-trip meetings, sessions and assignments. Ordinarily, all study tours should have between 15 and 20 hours of classroom experience on campus before and/or after the tour itself.

As part of the course description that must be attached to the proposal, evidence of sufficient course work during the regularly scheduled semester (15-20 hours) must be offered as part of the syllabus; and for spring or fall semester study tour courses the travel must occur during or immediately before/after the rostered semester (or during the spring break for spring semester courses).

Is your program marketable? Location, program content, how the course fulfills requirements, length of program, and time of year ultimately play a part in this question and whether the program will be a success. For more information on these factors please refer to the Feasibility Considerations.

Study Tours require a lot of collaborative planning between various offices. The following chart outlines the roles and responsibilities of each office: Roles List

2015 Study Tour Proposal Form

The 2015 Summer Program Proposal Form can be found here.

Email Mary Anne Kucserik ( with questions regarding faculty Study Tour Proposals.