Center for International Programs - Non-SJU Summer & Winter Study Abroad

Frequently Asked Questions

Information for Non-SJU Summer & Winter Study Abroad

So, you’ve decided to study abroad, and it fits best for you personally and academically to go in during the Summer and Winter terms – no worries, the Center for International Programs is here to support you through your entire Study Abroad Experience!

Here are some questions to consider before deciding to go abroad:

When should I start looking into study abroad?
Students should start researching their studying abroad plans as soon as possible.  We recommend that students attend an information session during their freshman or sophomore year.  There are many program options and many details that need to be discussed so it is best to plan in advance.

Is study abroad only for students of certain majors?

We believe that any major can include some type of study abroad experience.  The key is planning early!  It is recommended that you discuss your study abroad interests with your Academic Advisor and with a member of the CIP staff during your freshman year so that we can assist you with planning.

Is there a GPA requirement for semester abroad?

Yes.  As per University policy, the minimum cumulative GPA requirement is 2.5.  It is important to note that many of our approved/affiliated programs have a higher GPA requirement – some up to a 3.0! 

Where can SJU students study abroad?

For Non-SJU Summer and Winter Study Abroad Programs, students can study in any country that does not have a US State Department Travel Warning. They can participate in any program that meets the CIP standards for accreditation and location criteria. Students are responsible for finding their own program, with the help and guidance of the CIP office.

I’m a PLS student.  What are my options?

Students in the College of Professional and Liberal Studies (PLS) have the same program options as the full-time, day students. However, your selection of courses may be different and this could affect your choice of program. As part of the application process, we will require a letter of recommendation (e-mail would suffice) from your Academic Advisor listing the courses that you plan to take while abroad.

Okay, I’ve picked my program and I’m ready to apply!  When is the deadline?

For winter study abroad programs, the application deadline is always October 1st.  For summer study abroad programs, the deadline is March 1st.  Some programs have earlier deadlines or fill up quickly; therefore, it’s best to apply early.

Can I apply to multiple programs for one semester?

No.  The CIP can only accept one application per student at a time.  However, if you are concerned about your chances of being accepted into a study abroad program, please schedule an appointment to meet with a member of the CIP staff to discuss your options.

How do I know which courses I can take overseas?

Fitting study abroad into your degree requirements is like solving a puzzle. Earlier planning facilitates a smoother process.  Use the extensive network of resources available to you – your Academic Advisor, the Academic Advising Center for your college, the Study Abroad Advisor and the CIP website. In general, we suggest that students find a program that complements their major and offers some classes to complete major requirements.

How much does it cost to study abroad?

Students who study abroad on Non-SJU Summer and Winter Programs pay all tuition, housing, and program fees to the program provider.

Where do I send my application?

All application materials must be submitted to the CIP office prior to the deadline.  Please visit the Forms and Applications page for materials needed for summer and winter study abroad.

I’ve applied for a semester abroad program. How long until I know if I’ve been accepted?

Once you’ve submitted all application materials to the CIP office, we will obtain your transcript from the Registrar’s office and check your disciplinary status.  Then, we will review your study abroad application , program provider, and transfer credit approval form.  At that time, if you’re accepted by the Center for International Programs, you may submit your application materials and deposits to the study abroad program/university.  It can take them 3-4 weeks after they receive your materials to contact you with an admissions decision, so please be patient!

Do the grades I get overseas count?

If you are studying abroad through a Non-SJU Summer or Winter program, your credit will transfer back according to the approval by your Department Chairs and Associate Deans.