Center for International Programs - Summer Study Abroad

Pre-departure Information


  • Students must have a valid passport (& visa if necessary)
    • If you don't yet have your U.S. passport you can submit the study tour application without this information. However, once you are notified of your acceptance to the tour, you should apply for your passport immediately by going to the State Department Website.
    • It can take 4-6 weeks or longer for your passport to be issued.
    • All participants must submit a copy of their passport to the Coordinator for Study Abroad as soon as possible.
    • If you are not a U.S. citizen you may need a visa to participate on a study tour. Once you have been accepted, we will contact you to set up an appointment time to discuss your status. It is your responsibility to keep this appointment with a CIP staff member to discuss your status and the visa application process. Non-U.S. passport holders may have to pay visa processing fees in addition to Study Tour program fees.
    • Some programs may also require US citizens to obtain a visa. CIP will provide interested and accepted students with information on the process if that is the case. If possible, CIP will aid students in the process of obtaining a visa.



Students must submit several documents to CIP after they have been accepted to a Study Tour or SJU Summer Program. These forms include:

Pre-Departure Handbook

Students should review the Pre-Departure Handbook prior to their departure. The CIP Handbook contains general safety tips and information that applies to all student travelers.

You can find the Short-Term Handbook here.

Pre-Departure Meetings

Upon acceptance into a study tour or summer program, students can expect to receive email messages in their SJU account about class meetings as well as tour meetings. Emails will be sent by the professor, the coordinator and/or CIP. In addition to class meetings, CIP and the coordinator will hold mandatory group meetings to cover all the travel related details of the tour. Students must attend to receive paperwork, complete documents and to receive information from CIP regarding emergency procedures, health & safety issues as well as many other topics related to traveling such as climate, packing, currency and much more!

US Embassy Registration

Students participating in a SJU Study Tour or Summer Program will be registered on the US State Department website.  Being registered on the site allows the Department of State to better assist travelers in an emergency.

Insurance Information