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SJU Summer Study Abroad

Each year, Saint Joseph's students have many opportunities to gain an international experience. Summer Programs are designed to introduce you to other countries and cultures by immersing you in the country. The courses are taught and led by SJU faculty in China, Greece, Chile and Rome. Logistical coordination provided by the Center for International Programs, Saint Joseph's Travel Office, a Tour Coordinator and a tour provider/organization.

The goal of a Summer Program is to offer students from any major who may not have the flexibility to spend a semester abroad, but want a longer immersion than a Study Tour, the chance to learn more about other cultures and countries. We hope you will consider joining Saint Joseph's faculty as they lead our students abroad on these fascinating programs!

For more information on 2014 Summer Programs, please attend an info session:

Date Event When Where
11/12/13 Rome Info Session 11am-12pm BE 216
11/14/13 Greece Info Session 11am-12pm BE 213
11/18/13 China Info Session 3:30-4:30pm MV 207
11/19/13 Greece Info Session 11am-12:00pm BE 216
11/20/13 Rome Info Session 3:30-4:30pm BE 212
11/22/13 China Info Session 11:15am-12:15pm MV 203
12/3/13 Chile Info Session 11am-12pm MV 203
12/4/13 Chile Info Session 3:30-4:30pm MV 203
1/21/14 Rome Info Session 3:30-4:30 MV 220
1/22/14 China Info Session 3:30-4:30 MV 220
1/27/14 Chile Info Session 3:30-4:30 MV 341
1/30/14 Greece Info Session 11am-12pm MV 341



For more information on any of the summer programs, please contact:

Lindsey Martin
Coordinator for Study Abroad
Center for International Programs
610-660-3461 or

Mary Anne Kucserik
Assistant Director for Study Abroad
Center for International Programs
610-660-3477 or



SJU SP Rome Colosseum

SJU students enjoying the Colosseum in Rome

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