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Fe y Alegria Bolivia Partnership
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Facilitated by the Maryland and Bolivian Provinces of the Society of Jesus, Saint Joseph’s University (SJU) began a partnership with Fe y Alegria: Bolivia in 2001. The Faith-Justice Institute is the primary facilitator and animator of the partnership for the University. The partnership continues to develop and evolve based on both partners’ needs, resources and vision and includes community-based research, SJU faculty:staff immersions, Fe y Alegria:Bolivia professional immersions, SJU student immersions and professional collaboration. 

Honprary Degree in Education Awarded to P. Rafael Garcia Mora, SJ, National Director of Fe y Alegria:Bolivia

(pictured on the right next to President Fr. C. Kevin Gillespie, SJ in 2013)

honorary Degree

Sample Collaborative Trainings and Community-Based Research:

Collaborative Trainings: Institutional and Curriculum Planning, The Jesuit Mission in Education, Ignatian Pedagogy

Community-Based Research:

J. Neiva de Figueiredo and M.A. Marca Barrientos, "A decision support methodology for increasing school efficiency in Bolivia's low-income communities," International Transactions in Operational Research, 19:99-121.

J. Neiva de Figueiredo, A.M. Jursca-Keffer, M.A. Marca Barrientos, and S. Gonzalez “A robust University-NGO partnership and CBR: Analyzing school efficiencies in Bolivia with community-based management techniques,” Gateways: International Journal of Community Research and Engagement, 6:93-112


Annual financial donation drive and Christmas card sale. If interested in making a donation benefiting the work of Fe y Alegria:Bolivia please contact Ann Marie Keffer at


“We must therefore raise our Jesuit education standard to ‘educate the whole person of solidarity for the real world.' Solidarity is learned through ‘contact' rather than through ‘concepts'….When the heart is touched by direct experience, the mind may be challenged to change. Personal involvement with innocent suffering, with the injustice others suffer, is the catalyst for solidarity which then gives rise to intellectual inquiry and moral reflection” - Father General Peter Hans Kolvenbach, SJ, The Service of Faith and the Promotion of Justice in American Jesuit Higher Education, 2000).

Hear and watch reflections from past participants: click here.


2003 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Peter Clark, SJ Theology, Carmen Croce, University Press, Ann Marie Jursca, Faith Justice Institute, Mimi Limbach Admissions, Betsy Linehan, RSM, Philosophy, Tom McDuffie, Education, Amy Myers, Mathematics, Eva Recio-Gonzalez, Foreign Language, Joan Timby, Residence Life


2004 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Concha Alborg, Foreign Language, Chris Bagley, Academic Advising of Student Athletes, George Bur, SJ, Rector Jesuit Community, John Jewell, Psychology, Ann Marie Jursca, Faith Justice Institute, Linda Lelii, Student Life, Guy Lemaitre, Foreign Language, Marty Meloche, Food Marketing, Cathy Schoffstall, Institute for Violence Research Prevention


2005 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Frank Bernt Faith Justice Institute, Megan Combs, Student Services, Bill Conway, College of Arts & Sciences Deans Office, Kathy Gaval, Office of Planning, John Longo, Chemistry, Jerry McGlone, SJ, Office of Mission, Evelyn Minick, Francis A. Drexel Library, Peter Norberg, English, Jean Smolen, Chemistry

2006 Fe y Alegria: Bolivia delegation: Fr. Enrique Oizumi, SJ, Magda Mendoza Ichazo de Galean, Mirna Jorge, Miguel Angel Marca, Alfredo Machiacado Botetano, Nelly Estrada Quiroz, Angel Ugarte Sossa, Fernando Fernandez Munoz, Consuelo Hertado Dorado, Freddy Carraso Caceves


2006 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Joe Cifelli, Education, Rhonda Cohen, Career Development Center, Tenaya Darlington, English, Heather Hennes, Foreign Language, Al Labonis, Information Technology, Mary Martinson, Drexel Library, Jerry McGlone, SJ, Office of Mission, Peter Norberg, English, Eileen Sabbatino, Education


2007 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Marsha Erickson, Francis Drexel Library, Patty Esnouf, Faith-Justice Institute, Jena Fioravanti Burkett, Academic Affairs, Denise Ghisu, Office of Development & Alumni Relations, Ann Marie Jursca, Faith-Justice Institute, Shawn Krahmer, Theology, Alfredo Mauri, Management, Dennis McNally, SJ, Fine Arts, Cristian Pardo, Economics, Brent Smith, Marketing


2008 Saint Joseph’s University delegation: Annemarie Bartlett, Office of Planning, Caroline Coffey, Biology, Valerie Dudley, Office of Institutional Diversity, Kristin Hassey, Residence Life, Dan Joyce, SJ, Office of Mission, Ann Marie Jursca, The Faith-Justice Institute, Shondrika Merritt, Residence Life, John Neiva, Management, Terri O’Doherty, Institute for Catholic Bioethics


2009 Fe y Alegria:Bolivia delegation: Yerko Comancho, Silvana Gonzales, Javier Gisbert, Denis Fievez, Plácido Acarapi Padilla, Eloy Flores Alguilar, Katherin Olguín Rodriguez, Clemencia Daza Vda De Menacho with Fr. Timothy Lannon, SJ

2010 Group

2010 Saint Joseph's University delegation: Carolyn Choh, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Daniel Joyce, SJ, Office of Mission, Tom McDuffie, Education, Reuban Mendoza, Decision and System Sciences, Anne Munley, Human Resources, Jennifer Sommerkorn, Center for International Programs, Alex Zebango, Information Technology

FyA Group 2011

2011 Fe y Alegria:Bolivia delegation: Ms. Magda Aguirre Cuevas, Ms. Modesta Escobar Cuellar, Dr. Rafael García Mora, SJ, Ms. Silvana Gonzales Camacho, Ms. Janeth Marlene Fuertes Mallón, Ms. Arminda Quillaguamán Sánchez, Mr. Jorge Rodas Mercado

2012 Group Photo

2012 Saint Joseph's University delegation: Peggy Allen, Haub School of Business, Cary Anderson, Student Life, Raquel Bergen, Sociology, Frank Bernt, Education, Ben Ellis, Information Technology, Mario Farrugia, SJ, Theology, Thani Jambulingham, Pharmaceutical Marketing, Sarah Jones, Residence Life, Dennis McNally, SJ, Art, Evelyn Tanudjaja, Education

2013 Delegation

2013 Fe y Alegria:Bolivia Delegation: Gary Gomez, Carmen Carrasco, Javier Verastegui, Cynthia Loza, Fr. C. Kevin Gillespie, SJ (President, SJU), Fr. Rafael Garcia Mora, SJ (National Director, Fe y Alegria:Bolivia), Mercedes Miranda, Patricia Vargas

group 20142014 Saint Joseph's University Delegation with Fe y Alegria:Bolivia Colleagues. SJU members: Raquel Kennedy Bergen, Sociology, Chontel Delaney, ATDL,  Mike Gallagher, Media Services (not pictured, photogarpher), Dan Joyce, SJ, Mission, Kenny Kury, Family Business and SocialEntrepreneurship, Bill Madges, Theology, Dan Moretz, Media Services,  Jeannie Murphy, Advancement, Connie O’Hara, Health Professions Advising