Faith-Justice Institute


Service-Learning Courses

Service-Learning courses typically require a three hour weekly volunteer commitment in an inner city Philadelphia agency working with marginalized communities. Volunteer work will be integrated with course content and reflection.


Fall 2014 Open Service-Learning Courses

BIO 320-SLR/BIO 720-SLR, Science Education – Service-Learning, Caitlin Fritz, W, 12:20- 2:25pm

EDU 232-SLR, Reading and Literature I, Ailing Kong, TR 2-3:15pm

  *Service time also fulfills EDU Field Experience requirements

ENG 450-SLR, Hospital Stories, Ann Green, MWF 12:20-1:10pm

  *Fulfills GEP Art/Lit, Diversity and Writing Intensive Overlays, Health Care Ethics and Faith-Justice Studies minor requirements

HIS 204-SLR, Latin American - US Migration, Richard Warren, MWF 10-10:50am

  *Fulfills Faith-Justice Studies minor course requirement

IHS 465-SLR, Introduction to Autism, Nanette Cooperman, TR 3:30-4:45pm

PMK 190-SLR, Health Care Delivery Alternatives, Tony DelConte, M 6:30-9:10pm 

  *Fulfills Health Care Ethics and Faith-Justice Studies minor course requirements

SOC 323-SLR, Health and Society, Ann Marie Keffer, TR 8-9:15am

  *Fulfills Faith-Justice Studies minor course requirements

SOC 377-SLR, Inside-Out:  Exploring Crime and Justice Behind the Walls, Susan Clampet-Lundquist, T 5-9pm

  *Contact Dr. Clampet-Lundquist directly regarding enrollment in this course at

THE 154 – SLR, Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition, Dan Joyce, TR 5:00-6:15pm

THE 366-SL1, Christian Medical Ethics, Peter Clark, R 3:30-6:15pm

  *Fulfills GEP Ethics Intensive Overlay and Health Care Ethics minor requirements


For further information, contact:
Ann Marie Jursca Keffer
Associate Director of the Faith-Justice Institute
Service-Learning Coordinator
Phone: 610-660-1337