Faith-Justice Institute

Placement Liaisons



The Placement Liaison pilot program brought together four students over the Summer and Fall of 2008 to help foster personal relationship with our Service Learning Community Partners

The main job responsibilities of the Placement Liaisons are:

  • Work out of an intentional, faith based community
  • Act as a liaison between the Service-Learning Community Partners, Service-Learning students, and the Faith-Justice Staff
  • Foster personal relationships with our site supervisors
  • Work with students on any service or logistical concerns
  • Plan and participate in reflection dinners

Current Placement Liaison Facts:

  • Six Placement Liaisons
  • Attend a week-long summer training
  • Work with freshmen classes & upper level classes
  • Each responsible for 5 sites in the community
  • Meet weekly for supervision with Service-Learning Student Development Specialist
  • Participate in weekly Placement Liaison community staff meeting

For further information, contact:

Jill Amitrani-Welsh

Assistant Director

Student Development Specialist

Phone: 610-660-1765