Faith-Justice Institute

Service-Learning Placement Directions

Please click on the name of your site for driving directions. For help planning your trip via SEPTA buses please log onto Bus schedules and Trip Planner are located in the left column.The Faith-Justice Institute distributes tokens for SEPTA buse use only. Students may use SEPTA buses until 6pm.

EDU 232-SLR Reading and Literature, Ailing Kong


PHL 154-SL3, Moral Foundations, Sr. Betsy Linehan


PHL 290-SLR, Philosophy of Death, Patricia Murphy


SPA 360-SLR, Spanish in the Community, Elaine Shenk


MGT 120-SLR Essentials of Management, Tim Swift


SOC 349-SL2, Poverty, Ethics and Social Policy, Jill Welsh


SOC 349-SL1, Poverty, Ethics and Social Policy, Susan Clampet-Lundquist


ENG 429-SLR, Reading and Writing the Civil Rights Movement, Ann Green


THE 154-SL1, Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition, Fr. Dan Joyce


SOC 328-SLR, The Wire, Maria Kefalas