Faith-Justice Institute

Student Leaders

The Service-Learning program has two leadership positions which assist community partners, service-learning students and service-learning faculty. In the Jesuit spirit of cura personalis (care of the whole person) student leaders work in intentional community and are supported and challenged to develop personally and professionally. Each position is described on the links below.

It was a joy for me to work with the Placement Liaison program. The experience was both rewarding and challenging. The Placement Liaison program offered the opportunity for professional development, and as a senior poised to enter the work force, this kind of training was invaluable. Additionally, the Faith-Justice community, composed of Placement Liaisons and Service Scholars, formed a supportive, comfortable, and safe work environment. I will consider myself lucky to find another position like this one in “the real world.”

- Mackenzie Lovell, ‘09

“The Service-Scholar position nurtured me through cura personalis. I was supported to develop skills to analyze social problems, and synthesize proposed solutions as informed by my values. The working relationship between scholars and Faith-Justice staff was couched in a framework of holistic support for every community member. Our intentional faith community was a constitutive element of working together—prioritized equally with programmatic responsibilities. The professional collaboration and facilitation skills I developed there qualified me for post-graduate volunteerism, an advanced degree, and my current vocation. I continue to be enriched by the skills I gained and values I recognized as a Service-Scholar.”

-Scarlett McCahill,’06

Service Scholars
Placement Liaisons