Faith-Justice Institute

Upperclassman Service-Learning Courses and Sites
Please review the following documents to decide which service sites are appropriate for your service-learning course. Please keep in mind other volunteer activities, service times, travel time and transportation.

EDU 232-SLR Reading Literature, Aling Kong


ENG 429 SLR Reading and Writing the Civil Rights Movement, Ann Green


PHL 154 SL3 Moral Foundation, Sr. Elizabeth Linehan


PHL 290 LR Philosophy of Death, Patricia Murphy


MGT 120 SLR Essentials of Management, Tim Swift


SOC 349 SL1 Poverty, Ethics and Social Policy, Susan Clampeet-Lindquist


SOC 349 SL2 Poverty, Ethics and Social Policy, Jill Welsh


SOC 328 SLR The Wire, Maria Kefalas


SPA 360 SLR Spanish in the Community, Elaine Shenk


THE 154 SL1 Faith, Justice and the Catholic Tradition, Fr. Dan Joyce