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Just Health Care in Developing Nations

Just Health Care in Developing Nations

Theology 368 - STR and IHS 368 – STR

A Faith-Justice Academic Immersion Experience Study Tour: Nicaragua




Socially induced needs are a result of a historical development of material and social conditions coupled with a social consensus that some things are necessary for happiness, social life, or some other goal. In American society certain needs are considered a necessity. Most Americans would agree with this, although it is clear that societies have survived and often flourished without these necessary goods. However, many societies lack the wealth and infrastructure to supply these goods to the majority of their people. Adequate health care is not only a need of every person, it is a fundamental right that all persons deserve. The principle of justice demands an equitable distribution of health care resources that is adequate for the restoration and preservation of health for all members of humanity. This basic and adequate health care may be called humane insofar as it protects the dignity of every individual person. Just Health Care in Developing Nations examines the issue of just health care for all peoples from both a public health perspective and an ethical perspective.

For the Fall 2012 semester, Just Health Care in Developing Nations will be a three credit course culminating in a week long immersion to Nicaragua over January Break.


Study Tour Information Session will be held:

Tuesday, Febraury 12, 2013

11:30am Mandeville 207

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