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Learning Institute


"I absolutely loved this course. My expectations were exceeded by far. I feel so motivated and enriched."
- Classroom Community Student

"The instructor and content of this course has had such a positive, valuable effect on me as an educator, as well as a human being. I was impressed with the instructor's knowledge, experience, and ability to share with others. The things I learned can easily be applied to my classroom.”
- Mentoring/Motivating student

"I was so very pleased with the content of this course and the instructors. This is a class I will use for the rest of my life. I want to thank the Learning Institute for having these courses available to us. Keep up the great work."
-Safe Schools student

"Taking Learning Institute classes, was the best thing I have ever done for my career."
-Classroom Management student

"I find the Learning Institute course to be excellent. Every course I have taken has been outstanding. The instructors are fabulous and the material worth while."
-Children's Literature student

"I have enjoyed and learned so much in all of the courses I've taken with the Learning Institute. Keep offering exciting courses."
-Classroom Community student

"The Learning Institute has provided a unique and convenient venue for local teachers to complete their professional development requirements. Thank you, I really enjoyed this course."
-School Law student

"If all of your courses are this spellbinding, I will enroll in many more. Thank you for hiring a marvelous instructor."
-At-Risk student